The holidays have come and gone, which means it’s time to start thinking about baseball season again. What improvements do you want to make in your overall game? Maybe you’d like to hit more balls the opposite way with authority. What about increasing the velocity on your fastball? Just remember that seeing results on the field in spring and summer starts behind the scenes in January and February. While everyone else might not get serious about training for another few weeks, that doesn’t mean you should do the same. Here are some of our favorite baseball strength training exercises from Stack that you can implement during your offseason regimen.

  1. Farmer’s walk – Think about some of today’s premier hitters in the major leagues. What would you say they all have in common? Aside from having great mechanics, today’s household names also boast incredible forearm strength. Keep in mind that strong forearms allow you to whip the bat through the zone, resulting in more power. The farmer’s walk requires a pair of heavy dumbbells. First, lock your shoulder blades into place. Then keep your knees slightly flexed and walk a set distance until grip starts to slip. Ideally, do three sets at the end of each workout, twice per week.
  2. Rotational medicine ball throws – This abdominal exercise has certainly stood the test of time and for good reason. Athletes tend to forget about working their internal and external obliques. However, they’re essential to success in baseball. Begin by facing a wall with feet shoulder-width apart. Then bring the ball to one side of the body, rotate your torso, and throw the ball toward the wall. Catch the ball off the wall and repeat. Remember to work on both sides to correct imbalances. Our athlete training professionals recommend five sets of eight repetitions per side.
  3. Plank – Let’s say that you don’t have much in the way of equipment or space to use this offseason. Planks are a great way to develop core strength and stability. We’re not just talking about abs, here. The core is a series of muscles that includes your glutes and lower back that work in conjunction to stabilize the spine. Players with a strong core have an easier time reacting to a ball in the gap or explosively driving a ball down the line.     

Our Athlete Training Programs

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