1. The team at BRX is very positive when working with the athletes.

    "We were referred to BRX Performance by a friend who has two sons training at BRX. The main selling point that my friend emphasized was the fact that BRX would design a “sport-specific” training plan for my son. No cookie cutter, one size fits all program. I was concerned that BRX had a baseball focus, but after meeting with them, I realized that they had expertise in more sports than just baseball. My son is very tall and needed to work on l…Read More

    Pete Anderson
  2. BRX has made me a believer after just 4 months!

    BRX has made me a believer after just 4 months! Working out properly for a specific sport doesn't always mean that bigger is better. BRX has taken my skinny, gangly son and transformed him into a still thin, yet stronger, more athletic and confident athlete. This was done is an atmosphere where if you were 8 or 18, the best or worst on your team, your workout is important and is tested by the staff as such. If your goal is to reach your potential…Read More

    Geno Skudlarczyk